Sprained Ankle Recovery Time

Once you’ve sprained your ankle, your recovery time greatly depends on how you treat your injury. From the initial treatment and beyond, there’s certainly a set of techniques and strategies that can yield the fastest, safest results.

If you or someone you know has sprained an ankle in the past, you’ve probably heard of the RICE technique.  RICE – which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation – is one of the most common prescribed “treatments” for a sprained ankle. While decently effective in the short-term, RICE is highly ineffective when it comes to achieving fast, long-term results.

Instead of a treatment, RICE is more like a partial initial treatment. Once you’ve rested, iced your injury, compressed and elevated it for the first and second day of your recovery, there’s a whole slew of techniques we can incorporate to speed up your recovery time, dramatically shorten your downtime, and effectively prevent future injury as well.

Average Sprained Ankle Recovery Time

If you follow RICE, the standard protocol, you can expect to spend six to eight weeks, possibly even longer, hobbling around on a weak, swollen ankle that never truly recovers. Why? Because RICE leaves out one of the most important parts of your overall recovery – strength and balance rehabilitation.

ACT Sprained Ankle Recovery Time

Once you suffer an ankle sprain, your balance and strength are both greatly affected which slows down your recovery time, and also increases the risk of re-injuring your ankle in the future.

By using some unique swelling reduction techniques, instead of simply just icing and waiting, you can greatly reduce your initial swelling sooner, which can lead to a much quicker recovery overall.

Step one is to get rid of your initial swelling, and improve circulation to your injured ankle. Step two is to introduce stretching, balancing, and range-of-motion exercises, before moving onto step three, which involves incorporating additional movements, strengthen exercises, and plyometric jumping.

Now, arming yourself with knowledge can help get you on the right path, but it can only get you so far. This is why we’ve spent the time creating our own at-home ankle rehabilitation program known as ACT. ACT is a comprehensive rehabilitation system that you can complete in the comfort of your own home.

The program will take you – step-by-step – through the exact strategies, techniques, and exercises that have been proven to help super-charge your progress, and work with your body to dramatically shorten your recovery time.

If getting back to your regular activities and dramatically shortening your recovery time is important to you, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of.

To learn more about myself, the science behind your injury, as well as the secrets to a full, fast, safe ankle sprain recovery, get started with your free online consultation today by clicking here. End the confusion and frustration – you deserve to greatly reduce your sprained ankle recovery time, by taking advantage of a proven, well-researched rehab program.