Security & Encrypted Data Protection

If you’re checking out this page, I can totally relate to how you’re feeling – the Internet seems to be a pretty big place these days.

With endless amounts of websites popping up, how can tell which ones have your best interests at heart?

Well, I know for us, we pride ourselves on treating our online clients with the same respect and recognition that we do with our in-person training clients.

Secured, Encrypted and Protected

We also have the most secure, encrypted data protection services in place, to ensure your personal information is protected and never, ever, shared with any third-party sources.

Our online shopping cart software is constantly scanned for viruses and has an advanced firewall in place to keep out any intruders.

Plus, our system runs through a secured connection, which encrypts data that is submitted for the most secure exchange possible.

Since we realize it’s next to impossible for most clients to come train with us in Gilbert, Arizona, we’ve made sure to take the correct precautions and have the safest security enhancements available, so we can offer you the same great, simple services online, regardless of where you live – consider your mind at-ease, get started with your rehab today!