How to Treat a Sprained Ankle

Unfortunately, when it comes to treating an ankle sprain, there tends to be a lot of misinformation and outdated techniques out there. Plus, if you use conventional methods, you’ll be much more prone to re-injuring the same ankle in the future – and who wants to go through recovering from a sprained ankle more than once?

When it comes down to how to treat a sprained ankle, there’s a specific protocol you can follow to help ensure the fastest, most complete results. The human body tends to respond best to following three different stages of recovery, in order – initial treatment, range-of-motion movements and balancing, as well as re-strengthening – which can help your body recover within days, instead of weeks.

Conventionally Speaking

The conventional approach calls for resting, icing, compressing, and elevating – however – if you continue on with these same techniques after the first and second day of your rehab, you’ll be in for a long, slow recovery, that can take weeks, or even months. By working in unique and effective techniques, you can dramatically shorten up your ankle’s recovery time.

Containing and Reducing Initial Swelling

After you’ve contained the preliminary swelling, it’s important to include swelling reduction techniques – like self-massage and contrast therapy – to begin actually reducing the swelling.

The faster you can get the swelling out of your ankle, the earlier you can move onto incorporating different movements, stretching, and re-strengthening exercises – all of which work together to supercharge your progress, and results.

Recovering from an ankle sprain doesn’t have to be a slow, difficult process. If you’re armed with the right knowledge, direction, and schedule, you can bypass most of the struggle, and get back to enjoying your life faster. Who wants to miss an important event or activity because of a lame sprained ankle?

How to Treat a Sprained Ankle, Easily?

Even though the correct way to treat a sprained ankle is fairly simple, the strategies, exercises, and techniques you choose to use are very important, and need to be organized in a progressive, proven fashion. We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching, consulting, tweaking and testing, in order to put together a successful, easy to use, at-home ankle rehab program for you to follow.

Known as ACT – which stands for active, corrective, therapy – the system takes a much more proactive approach to treating and recovering from a sprained ankle. Most of our clients have been up and walking normally again within only a few days – you’ll truly be surprised how fast the correct techniques can bring results.

By taking you through step-by-step and showing you the exact way to execute each strategy and exercise, ACT makes how to treat an ankle sprain seem like an easy no-brainer.  Each move is demonstrated for you, through online video, and also explained in-depth, so you’ll know exactly why it works, too.

To learn more about ACT, and get started with the program today, click here to begin your free online consultation. The free consultation will also get into more detail about your sprained ankle, explain a little bit of the science behind your injury, and also show you exactly what is included within the ACT rehab program. If you’re tired of being confused and frustrated about how to treat your ankle, now is the time to ACT.