Client Success Stories

Success is great – it’s what fuels the journey and keeps you digging for more.

Below is a small collection of the success stories we’ve received from past clients who have worked with
me in the past, checked out our program, or rehabilitated their ankle with the help of the ACT rehab program:

Shakamon in Costa Rica says:
“The ACT rehab program helped me get back to doing what I love – what will it do for you?”

“Our rehab program is recommended by pro basketball player Dajuan Tate, who plays guard for the Dung Guan Century Leopards in China.”


Susan R. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania emailed us and wrote:

“I am a 52 year-old, very active woman – an avid cyclist and skydiver who typically works out 6 days a week – I experienced a high ankle sprain during a landing while skydiving.

I had never experienced any kind of injury before, so I was very unfamiliar with how to do rehab…

After I saw my doctor for x-rays, he told me to ice my ankle, handed me a walking cast, and told me to wear it for three weeks – and not to run.

That was it – no other advice or suggestions.

As one who is highly motivated to work to improve an injury rather than passively let it heal, I started searching on the web for more detailed guidance.

Once I found your website, I carefully and faithfully followed every stage of your program and it was terrific.

As I continued with the technique, exercises and stretching, my ankle felt better every day.

I was able to walk without the cast in just a few days and could walk normally again within about 10.

The techniques and exercises were simple yet extremely effective – I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who has suffered a sprained ankle and wants to take an active part in their own rehab – thanks again!”

Keith Daugherty from Forest Grove, OR wrote – “I am a sheet metal worker by trade, and I am on my feet all day long. One day, I fell 11 feet and landed on uneven ground, spraining my right ankle.

I did a Google search for sprained ankle and found this info that dared to challenge traditional therapies. After applying the therapies, I was back to work in full capacity in 5 days.”

N. Velayutham wrote – “My son Shiv has fully recovered and we are very thankful for your help. He will be starting to play Cricket tomorrow and his speedy recovery was possible only because of your rehab program. ”

@cdragonwagon wrote (via Twitter) –”Sprained ankle seriously Tuesday. Aftr some hesitation, bought, downloaded & followed program @ – IT WORKED! #ankle”

Robert B. wrote – “I’m happy to report that within days of rehab I was walking almost normal, and a week later my gait is normal. I will continue the exercises this week to gain strength. I’m shocked at my consistent increasing of strength.”

MG W. wrote – “I think I found your program the second day of my sprain after icing. It was great! I had actually already tried to start doing ankle circles – the program was very helpful – within 5 days from beginning to end I was back at step bench with no pain.”

Sandro G. wrote – “I loved the system, as it allowed me to recover in 6 days from a pretty bad ankle injury, in order to run a 65km trail running race.”

Claire T. wrote – “Great info – it saved my trip to Kauai! The program was perfect for me to recover from a bad sprained ankle that happened while playing volleyball. I did everything you recommended for 2 weeks, and I was able to do all the hikes and activities in Kauai.”

Believe me – if these past clients can follow the program step-by-step and get these kinds of results, so can you.